Friday, December 11, 2015

A Prayer for My Past

Lord, I have sinned and fallen short of Your glory.
Too many times.
But You have forgiven me, cleansed me, and changed me.
You saw me where I was and loved me way too much to leave me there.
Don't let Satan succeed in putting me back down in that pit.
Whether by condemnation and guilt through the thoughts he plants in my head, or by tempting me to indulge in old attitudes and patterns of sin and destructive behavior.
By Your Spirit, help me see the foolishness of those broken paths and wrong choices, and guide me in turning to you - away from sin - away from shame.
Give me freedom and release from my past. Give me the ability to deflect the lies of the enemy - that I am "no good", "worthless", and "useless"... That my sin has ruined me.
Let me embrace Your truth.  Let it envelop me. The truth that you make all things new.
Even me.
Even this.
Even now.
I am yours.  I am your child.  Adopted in love and sealed by grace until the day of redemption.  You are with me, You are in me, and You are for me. What have I to fear? You are Emmanuel.
You help me mount up with wings like the eagle and soar!  I can run and not grow weary.  I can walk and not faint.
Your grace is sufficient for me and Your power is perfected in my weakness.
And it's in THAT power - that resurrection power - that I now stand.
By Your might and in Your grace, and in Jesus' name...

(The template for this prayer journal was found in the book Fervent, by Priscilla Shirer).
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