Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Puttin' On My Ruby Slippers

My yellow brick road has been full of twists and turns.
I met a Scarecrow.  A Tin Man. And a Cowardly Lion.
Not the good kind.
These guys wrecked my mind, trampled my heart, and left me weak and afraid.
I succumbed to the drug-induced slumber of sweet smelling poppies.
I've battled some serious flying monkeys.
And faced an Evil beyond compare.

But through all of this, I met The Wizard.
Or should I say, He came to meet me?
Right where I was.
No.  He was not a weak little man,  pulling levers behind a curtain.
I found a strong and Mighty God.
A Wonderful Counselor.
An Everlasting Father.
The Prince Of Peace.

He came to meet me as I turned toward home.
As my prodigal heart realized that this place of fantasy was all a lie, and I longed to return, I wasn't sure if I was worthy.  If only to eat crumbs from His table, I determined to start toward home.
And you know what? At the very moment I turned around on this broken road, I saw him.
Standing right there in the middle.  Arms open wide.

He didn't just welcome me with hugs and kisses...  He brought me gifts.
Not a brain, or a heart, or courage.
But beauty for ashes, the oil of gladness instead of suffering,
and a garment of praise to replace my spirit of despair.

He bound up my wounds and healed my broken heart.  He broke my chains and set me free!
He has created in me a clean heart and renewed a right spirit within me.
He has granted me a spirit of of love, and power, and a sound mind, and released me from my fears.
He has prepared a banquet for me right in front of my enemies.  He has anointed my head with oil.
My cup is spilling-over-full!!

I'm no longer a weak and afraid.  A frail woman. Defeated in depression, and stained by sin.
I am HIS child.  His masterpiece.
A royal priestess.  His chosen one.
I am a MIGHTY OAK.  Rooted in Christ.  Standing at the River.

He has made me new.  And he has made me glad.

That's my Jesus.
My Portion.  My Deliverer.  My Very Present Help in time of need.
That's MY God.
My Light. My Strength. My song.
That's The Rock I stand on.

In fact, here I am.
Can you see me?
I'm the one standing on The Rock of Ages.
In a brand new pair of sparkling ruby slippers.

And if you listen really closely,
You can hear me...
Clicking my heels together... and saying aloud...

There's. No. Place. Like. Home!

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  1. Susanne, You have been ever present in my heart and prayers. I BELIEVE in those ruby red slippers - in fact, I put a pair in Mama's casket because she was truly going home! You cling to Jesus, your portion, your deliverer, your very present help in time of need, YOUR GOD, your light, your strength, your song, your rock to stand on,and keep those slippers on your feet! I love you, Kathy


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