Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mail from Heaven

I love getting mail.  Not bills or junk mail mind you, but genuine, personal, good old fashioned snail mail.  In this day of technology, emails and facebook and twitter messages are great, but there's something about seeing  my name written in someone else's handwriting on an envelope sends my spirit soaring.  I got such mail the other day...

It all started with a peculiar phone call from my mom.  (Not that her calling me is peculiar, we talk at least once a day.)  But somewhere in the midst of the conversation she asked a peculiar question:  "By the way, have you by chance gotten anything in the mail from me?" ... Uh no, why?  "No reason... you'll see".

And see I did.  The crazy thing is, I don't usually check the mail.  Most days it stays in the box until Chris gets home and checks it on his way into the house.  But last Thursday, after picking up the kids from school, I decided to make a stop by the mailbox.  And there it was.

A large manilla envelope addressed to me in my Mama's handwriting.  Curious, I couldn't wait to get inside and open it up.  Inside were several sheets of large white paper stacked together with a note on top.
As I was cleaning out and reorganizing my kitchen  I found these and thought you might like a copy to keep.
Love you!
Copies of what?  My curiosity peeked at this point and I put the first page aside to see what would be revealed.  Honestly, I wasn't ready for what I saw next.  In my Nanny's (Mom's mom) handwriting were her recipes for all the cookies she used to bake at Christmas time, and even better, her recipe for the starter for her yeast rolls and bread.

I was speechless!  It's been years since I've seen my Nanny's beautiful handwriting.  She was the bookkeeper for the local school district for years, and when I was a little girl she used to let me go to work with her some in the summer time.  I remember watching her at the adding machine as her fingers ever so gracefully keyed in the numbers and her eyes never left the report she was adding from.  Then as she filled out the appropriate paperwork (this was way before PCs), I remember thinking how beautiful her handwriting was, and secretly wishing that I would one day be able to write as well as she.

Nanny and I had a very special bond.  All my life we were extremely close.  She was always there for me, letting me know she loved me no matter what.  Through the storms of my life she was a great encourager, helping me turn my eyes toward Jesus to guide me through.  And in my successes, she was my biggest cheerleader.

She fell in love with Chris almost as quickly as I did, for she saw the joy his love brought to my life.  When I was pregnant with Emilee she would call and ask, "What are you craving today, Sugar?", and more often than not see to it that I got whatever it was.  On more than one occasion we visited a local buffet at lunch to get some banana pudding!  She was an awesome woman of faith and a great influence on my life.

My Nanny went to be with Jesus on July 23, 2002.

As my eyes scanned the pages from the envelope that consisted of her beautiful cursive writing, the tears began to swell.  I continued to read the lists of ingredients and directions for baking, and my taste buds remembered sampling these goodies, as my mind recalled her beautiful smile and every ounce of love that she added to each and every batch.

It was almost as if she was right there, hovering over me, letting me know she is still with me, and she still loves me.  

I have to tell you, that was priceless.

In honor of my precious Nanny, I would like to share her recipe for "Lemon Things" with you... Enjoy!!!

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