Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ain't No More Jesus's!!

(For Uncle Bubba)

He was known to eat an entire large pizza in one sitting, then sit back, hold his stomach, and say, "I hate pizza!"

When she was very young, my Mama called him her "Little Daddy", because he took such good care of her.  (I do believe he was required - by her Big Daddy - to chaperon a date or two from the back seat!)

We used to meet up at Pirate Land in Myrtle Beach every summer for great big family vacations.
He and Aunt Holly would always bring us gifts. We would be so excited to see them!
(I have been blessed by his generosity to my own children, as well).

I was also told that when I was a baby he would "sing me to sleep".  (Daddy says I went to sleep out of self-defense.) :-)

The best story though, was the time that he was reading to me from a children's Bible book.  Even as a toddler, I was totally enamored with Jesus. I wanted him to show me the pictures over and over.  I would say, "Bubba, Where Jesus?"... and he would flip the page and point.  Then I'd ask again, and he'd flip another page... on and on we went. Over and over he showed Jesus to me.  After several re-reads of the same storybook, when I continued to ask, "Bubba, Where Jesus?", he finally looked down at me, exasperated, and said, "Ain't no more Jesus's!!!"

Oh, but Bubba,  there is!!! There most certainly is!!!

Rest in His arms now, Sweet Uncle.

And give Pa, Nanny, and Uncle Ricky some sugar for me!!

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