Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It's Paslay... Not Paisley, Y'all!!

Anyone who knows any little thing about me knows:

I.  Love.  Music.

I love singing...
I love dancing...
I love listening...

And - while you wouldn't guess it by many of my Facebook posts and Twitter tweets - I love all kinds of music.  Everything from Motown Oldies to Classic Rock, to Hip-hop, Pop, Dance, R&B, and yes...


All that being said, I have discovered a new artist that you very much need to check out. If you're a country fan.  And even if your not! ;-)

ERIC PASLAY: (No. It's not Paisley... it's Paslay.  But don't ask me to pronounce it!!) ;-)

No stranger to Country Radio,  many of you have probably heard his hit "Friday Night" (previously recorded by Lady Antebellum), but what you may not know is that he co-wrote this song.  He has also written many other hits recorded by other artists, such as... "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" (Jake Owen), "Angel Eyes" (Love and Theft), and "Rewind" (Rascal Flatts).

A native of Texas, Paslay began playing guitar and writing songs at age 15.  He eventually moved to Nashville and majored in Music Business at Middle Tennessee University.  While he has most definitely gotten a great start writing songs recorded by other artists, his dream has always been to be a performer.   
Though Paslay enjoyed recording the album and has an affinity for the studio, his true love is the stage. “I turn it on when I get on stage. I love to entertain,” says Paslay, who has opened for Dierks Bentley, Clint Black, Eric Church, Blake Shelton and Little Big Town, among others. (CMT Bio)
His latest single "She Don't Love You" is the one that really made me sit up and take notice of Paslay's artistry.  A beautiful, haunting melody has you wrapped up and sucked in before you know it.  Other favorites of mine on the album are "Less Than Whole", a song about redemption and forgiveness, "Country Side of Heaven", which actually gets me daydreaming of what it might be like to see an angel play the mandolin,  and "Like A Song", a fun and playful tune about the way a love can move you.

Honestly, I could listen to the album over and over again.  Uber honestly, I have... just pressed play "on the loop" and let it go!  The creativity and passion of this artist ooze out of every single track.
Honesty is a powerful magnet that always draws an eager audience and it has proven to be a potent tool in Eric Paslay’s creative arsenal. Sometimes playful, often poignant and always thoroughly entertaining, the 6’ 4” singer/songwriter with the fiery red hair and easy smile has quickly earned a reputation as an artist that knows how to capture the attention of an audience and hold them in the palm of his hands.  (Eric Paslay Official Site)
Seriously, y'all.  Go right now.  iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, or whatever music service you use... Get there as fast as your little phones, tablets or computers can carry you, and DOWNLOAD THIS ALBUM!! I promise you won't be sorry.

I, for one, am hooked - line and sinker!!
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