Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mama's Got a Brand New Bag... Of Tricks

The struggle is real, Y'all.
Three kids.  Three different schools. Moving in three different directions.

All day.  Every day.

It doesn't take long for things to get chaotic. Especially when Mama has been lax about a schedule and daily routine this year.  I mean, you think, "They're getting older, they don't need me micromanaging."


They may not need "micromanagement", but they need STRUCTURE... now, more than EVER!

I decided I needed to rework some things... to create myself a "new bag of tricks", if you will.

That's what lead me to posting THIS on Facebook the other day...

Wow! I never expected to get so much feedback.  Some of you commented... MANY of you private messaged me, asking me to share my sweet little nuggets.

I am so honored and humbled, and of course, I'd be glad to.

With one caveat...

Don't you dare judge, PEOPLE!!!

Each family has its own particular issues and it's own daily goals.  If yours differ from ours, feel free to tweak the "settings" as you see fit.  Just please don't, as you're reading these, try to speculate or pontificate as to what the reasoning may be behind each item on the list.  Frankly, and I'm saying this with all the LOVE I can muster in my wee little heart, it's none of your business. As O'Reilly would say, the spin stops here!! ;-)

Now, can we still be friends?  Well, okay then!

Here you go!!

Reeder House Rules

Reeder Kids' Chore Charts

Also, here are some resources that I made/found to help Mama (yes, that would be me!) stay more organized and on top of things, too.

Mom's Weekly Chore Chart

Daily Schedule/To-Do List

Meal Planner

(Each Sunday night I sit down with a scratch pad, one of these meal planning sheets, and the grocery store circular to plan out my meals for the week.  I usually begin with what meats are on sale and go from there! I only cook 5 days each week. Friday nights are usually take-out, and we eat out after church most Sundays, so I record that on the planner, as well.)

Just in case these aren't exactly what you are looking for, I thought I would share some other pages/resources that I have found helpful in the past, as well:

Age Appropriate Chore Charts

Chore Jar (Behavior Consequence)  (Notice the degrees of difficulty!)

Chore Charts for Kids (Write In)

How to Clean Your Room Check-List

Because everyone's House Rules are obviously specific to their home (apparently no one is crazy enough, except me, to share them online!!) I couldn't find any specific lists, but I did find a couple of neat looking resources to help you along, if needed.

Establishing House Rules for Teenagers

Creating Effective Household Rules

And hey, when in doubt, you can always do what I do... GOOGLE it!! ;-)

I really hope these can help y'all as you try to maneuver your way through this thing we call parenthood.  Especially if, like us, you find yourselves in the deep and uncharted waters of raising teenagers.  I'm telling you My Loves, it ain't for the faint of heart!!

So, until next time...

God grant me the PROZAC to accept the things I cannot change,
The COFFEE to change the things I can,
And the WISDOM not to smack any of my Sweet Kiddos
 in the face in the process!!

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  1. Awesome resources, friend! And I love that you are leading your life instead of it leading you. Making it happen and living the dream! 😘


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