Thursday, January 15, 2015

Has Anybody Seen My Mojo?

I'm not sure when it happened.

Somewhere between the tryptophan coma and decking the halls, it made a clean get-away.

I thought I saw it a couple of weeks before Christmas... Actually peeked it's little head up and smiled at me for a second.  But then, just like Jenny, it was gone again!!

For over three weeks now, it's been missing.


Like the wind.

Like my children when it's time to clear the table after dinner.

Like the Statue of Liberty after David Copperfield got a'hold of it!


Y'all, I can't seem to find that dang thing anywhere!!

I mean, doesn't it know that I need to get back into my groove?  I've got things to do!  

I've got places to go!  People to see!! Mountains to climb, and goals to achieve!!

(Is it just me, or did Dr. Seuss jump inside my body for a second there? Oh, never mind... See what I mean!?!? I'm wandering lost all over creation without it! I can't even write a blog post!!)

So, if any of y'all see my Mojo sneaking around out there anywhere, would you please send it on back home?

I'd be sincerely, greatly, and very much obliged. ;-)
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