Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dirty Dawg

I only let them out for a little while.  I mean, it's not like I left them outside all day... to their own devices.  No, I simply let them out to "potty" and stretch their legs for a while.  I totally intended to bring them back inside in about 20 minutes.

Well, let's just say twenty minutes was plenty of time.

I knew it had been raining cats and dogs (Ha! Now, that's punny!!) and I knew about Beauregard's proclivity to dirt.  Especially mud.  I mean, he's a Labrador Retriever, right?  Now Miss Bailey Blue, she's another story.  While she LOOKS extremely very much like a chocolate lab, whatever keeps her from being "full-blooded" over-rides the mud factor.  She doesn't even like water!  But Beauregard is 100% LAB!! (Even if he doesn't have a pedigree.)

So... After I put away the clean dishes and got supper going on the stove, I stepped back to the french door to allow my fur-babies back into the cool welcome of "home" on a hot summer day.  Bailey, of course, was sitting pretty.  Claws clean.  Nose clean.  Prissy as ever.

This was how I found Beau.

And here's Bay-Bay... (See what I mean about "sitting pretty"??)

Well, after finding Beau in such a mess, I didn't let him back inside.  Bailey was free to join the family.  Beau? Not-so-much.  I had to finish dinner. Feed my family.  Clean the kitchen.  And THEN I would see about trying to clean him up. Which I didn't very much at all look forward to!

After we cleared the table, I went for my evening walk.  When I got back, not only had the boys done the dishes, but Daddy had cleaned Beau.  (I knew this because he was back inside, sprawled over the vent in my bedroom floor.) Thanks, Babe.  You're my hero! ;-)

So what's the point, right?

Well... I got to thinking. (Dangerous, I know...) ;-)

Isn't this what happens to us sometimes?  When we stray away from The Father, even if only for a short time, we end up dirty from head to toe.  And because of the mess we are in, our fellowship is broken.  Yes. We are still His children, just like Beauregard is very much by Baby Boy... but he couldn't come inside.  He couldn't be where I was.  He couldn't cuddle at my feet or get his ears scratched. 

Remember the Prodigal Son?  How he "came to his senses" in a big ole pile of mud??  

He was still a SON.  He just didn't have a right relationship with His Father.

I've totally been there.

Whether from harboring hurt or bitterness.  Or being angry and confused.  Or just flat-out not paying attention.  I have strayed.

Then I "come to my senses" and I wonder... What am I doing??  I need me some Jesus, RIGHT NOW.  And I pick myself up, and I start the journey home.

And you know what?? There He is.  I can see him in the road.  Running to meet me.  And put a robe on my back, shoes on my feet, and a ring on my finger. 

(Or in Beauregard's case... getting rinsed off... towel dried... and brushed til he gleams.)

So next time I look outside, and see my Beau-boy has been wallerin' again... I'm gonna smile.  

In the midst of it all, I'm gonna smile and say..

"Thank you, Jesus"!

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