Monday, September 30, 2013

Walk It Off in 30 Days

Starting tomorrow, my pal (and I say pal because she has been a permanent fixture in my DVD cabinet for about ten years now ;-)) Leslie Sansone is going to be coaching a Slimmer by Thanksgiving Challenge!

Here are the deets:

"Hey my walking friends...part of this 30 Day Plan will be to include Walking sessions and Strength Training exercises! All you need to do is plan for approx. 30 to 40 minutes each day through October.  I will TWEET weekly workout details every Sunday so we can plan our week together! I will be on Twitter coaching you every day!
***Please friends, always know, you Do NOT HAVE TO PURCHASE anything, just follow along and have fun! 
However...if you choose to use the DVD's, I will offer suggestions for our Walk DVDs and Strength Training accessories."
***This Sunday the first weekly assignment will be posted!"

I am SO excited!!! Don't tell anybody, but I actually started TODAY!  (Cause I'm OCD. And it's Monday, And I can't start something on a Tuesday. Even if it is the first day of the month!) Yep! I went to the gym and logged 40 minutes (2.2 miles) on the treadmill!  The WALK OFF has begun for this chick!

 I would love to invite any and all of you to join in on this challenge.  Don't have a twitter?? That's okay, you can get all the info on Leslie's Facebook Page or just log on to her blog for each day's instructions.

So, who's in??  Leave me a comment if you plan to participate.  I wanna encourage you along the way!

I can't wait to be THANKFUL for a slimmer ME in 30 days!

P.S.  If you see me dancing I mean, walking around my neighborhood, or bobbing my head on the treadmill at the Y, just know that I'm getting my groove on to get the weight off!  Don't drink the hater-ade!! Give me a fist bump and make me smile while I sweat!! ;-)
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