Monday, September 23, 2013

The Wallet (Take Two)

This is a repost from my old blog.  I know, I know... all this talk about moving on and starting fresh, you wouldn't think I'd repost something old, would you?  Well, after our sermon yesterday morning at The Stone, it's all I have been thinking about.  I am thoroughly enjoying our walk through the parables, and I just had to share this little story of my own experience with something lost... I hope you enjoy!

(Originally posted July 25, 2011)
Actually,  it’s a “waw-let”…. At least that what Sam calls it! 
For his birthday, back in June, he received quite a haul!  Even after depositing money into his savings account, Sam still had $113 to spend. I’m pretty sure he’s never had that much money at his immediate disposal before.  In fact, he made a daily ritual of sitting down in the floor of his bedroom to count it.After noticing this event a few times, I asked, “Buddy… are you counting it again?”His immediate reply was, “Mama, this never gets old.” (He he!!) 
Well, one day, a week or so later, he decided to count his money again.  But this time he could not find his “waw-let”.  We were about to go spend a couple of days with my family in Columbia, and he told me he wanted to take a few dollars with him… in case, “I see somethin’ I want.”We looked everywhere he said he had been with it, but couldn’t find it.  I dismissed it with a “Well, it’s got to be here somewhere, it didn’t just sprout legs and walk off!”, mostly because I was packing and trying to get the truck loaded.  He was upset, but he let it pass. 
When we got to Mama’s he went to spend the night with my sister and her little boy. An evening with Aunt Betsy almost always includes a shopping trip, and this one was no exception.  They ducked in Crazy 8s at the Sandhills Shopping Center, and Sam saw a “cool shirt”. “Aunt Betsy”, he said with his little puppy-dog eyes just a-droopin’, “I would by me that shirt, except I’ve lost my waw-let”.Of course she “loaned” him the money to buy the shirt, but this led to several phone calls from family in the following weeks after we returned home as to whether or not we had yet found the “waw-let”. 
The next week, all three of my kids left for a trip to Lancaster to spend a week with their Aunt Misty (Chris’ sister). As soon as I sent them off, I made up my mind to re-start the search. Since I still had a few hours before Chris got off work, I decided to be thorough. Very thorough. 
I began by taking everything out from under the bed.  All those Rubber Maid totes full of various and sundry toy collections, all of the random stuffed animals that had been “lost” in the night… everything! No wallet.I went through each and every one of those tote boxes.  I looked under the covers and between the sheets.  I climbed up to the top bunk to see if it had wandered up to Jacob’s bed.  No wallet.I ended up cleaning out the closet, emptying the large toy box by the door, and going through each and every drawer full of clothing. Still… no wallet. 
At this point, I realize it could be anywhere! (Seriously!! I found Spiderman in an empty Pop-tart box in the pantry once!!)  This thought lead to me continuing this exhaustive search through each and every bedroom and bath in the rear of the house.  I even looked under bathroom cabinets.  Still. No “waw-let”. 
As I came to the other end of the house, and prepared to look in every nook and cranny in the living, dining and kitchen areas, I prayed.  “Lord.  You know how upset that baby is that he can’t find his wallet, and I am desperately trying to find it for him.  Please help me, here!” 
In the front entrance of our home, there is a little table/cabinet that I got from my sister.  It has two drawers and a small cabinet area beneath.  Really, the only reason it’s there is so we can have a place to drop our keys, and to hold my peace lily.  We don’t store anything of consequence there.  But something said, “Look.” So I did.One drawer, nothing. Second drawer, nothing.  I pulled open the cabinet, and there it sat.  
I called my dad, my sister, Chris, and certainly Sam at his Aunt Misty’s, to tell them! “What was lost, had now been found”!! 
As soon as the words escaped my lips, I was reminded of three parables in the book of Luke.  The Lost (or Prodigal) Son being the last, and most famous of these, and the first of the Lost Sheep that I learned to quote as a teen, I tend to overlook the middle passage in that little trilogy.  The Parable of the Lost Coin .In it, Jesus tells about a  woman who had lost one of her ten silver coins.  She swept the house and began to “seek diligently” until she found it.  She didn’t give up.  She kept searching…That’s what I had done.  I never quit searching for the wallet.  I knew it was here in this house SOMEWHERE and I had to find it. 
That is what Jesus does.  He never stops searching… looking… waiting.  He came to “seek and save that which was lost”.  And when He “finds” us… the angels in heaven rejoice!! 
Just like the woman in the parable rejoiced as she called all her friends to come and celebrate with her that her coin had been found. Just like I exuberantly called everyone I knew would give a care, and reported that I had found the wallet!! Truly.  There has rarely been a time in my life that I was more exhilarated. More relieved. All my hard work had actually accomplished something!  
I began to think more on this… this “victory” of mine, and the Bible passages that had come to mind with it.  Jesus completed a great work, too.  A greater work than anyone else has ever accomplished.  He laid down his life for me.  
“It is finished”, He said from the cross.  Knowing that all His hard work had actually accomplished something. Salvation.  
For you. 
For me. 
He never stopped searching… 
I once was lost.  Now I’m found! 
Thank you, Jesus!!!

Special thanks to Pastor Bill for reminding me of this precious story, and the fact that I am precious to HIM!

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